Platipus is a UK game developing studio with strong focus on innovative HTML5 video slots for real money gambling in the online space. The team consists of well-balanced mix of gaming-industry specialists and we develop the kind of slots that players love to play.

 Since our inception in 2010, Platipus has created innovative software for the gaming industry, specializing in casino applications. While our team of developers is very skilled and creative, our focus goes beyond developing software. Our competitive advantage over other developing companies is that we study trends in the industry, both technical and consumer oriented.

 Each month thousands of new apps are uploaded in different market places, thus making this market niche more cluttered than ever before. While this represents in a way a challenge for some developers, the team at Platipus Software sees this as an opportunity to overcome these challenges by developing the most eye catching, fun, mind-boggling casino games in the industry.

 After thorough analyzing consumer satisfaction data and implementing the latest technical specifications, we are very excited to introduce our new set of HTML5 casino slots designed and developed exclusively by Platipus Software. Our clients will benefit from:

  •  • The latest HTML5 and UI updates compatible across all devices.
  •  • Fun, creative content based on customer satisfactions trends.
  •  • The most up to date, technical specifications to minimize down time.
  •  • Light weight format ensuring fast loading and gameplay
  •  • 24/7 Technical support
  •  • 100% Customization to promote your brand and specific goals.

 The revenue projections for clients using our software are nothing short of exceptional. The six aforementioned benefits give Platipus a decided advantage over the primary competition currently operating in the market. Both our sales and technical teams are standing by and available to address your questions or concerns.

 Thinking big means thinking global. This goes for our gaming products, as well as our accompanying customer support services. Currently our main focus is on Asia which is the continent with the fastest growing client base. For this reason, our last batch of released games is Asian oriented when it comes to features, sounds and graphic design. Nevertheless, all games in our portfolio are well enjoyed by our global player-base.

 For a demo or presentation, please contact us at your convenience and we will make sure to address your specific needs.