• Let's hit the dance floor in the newest game "Ultra Disco"!

    Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the night! The dancefloor awaits your moves as we transport you back to the electrifying 80s music scene, where every beat can make your heart race. Join Platipus for an unforgettable night of fun and nostalgia in our latest game, «Ultra Disco»! Let’s see those dance moves that can light up the night!

    Want to rule the dancefloor and activate the Disco Feature? Here’s how it’s done.

    When 2 Disco symbols align vertically, they expand to cover the entire reel, revealing a Wild symbol with a multiplier ranging from 4x to 9x. This multiplier depends on the number of symbols on the reel, including the Disco symbols. In the base game, Wild symbols remain locked on the reels until the spin ends or they contribute to a win. The multiplier applies to all winning combinations featuring the Wild symbol. When multiple Wild symbols form a winning combo, their multipliers multiply. In Free Spins, if Disco symbols align vertically, Wild symbols remain locked until they form a win or the feature ends.

    As an exciting bonus, you also have a chance to win Free Spins! Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols during regular play will trigger the Free Spins feature. Three Scatter symbols will reward you with 8 Free Spins, and each additional Scatter beyond the initial 3 will grant you an additional +2 Free Spins. Plus, if a Scatter symbol lands during the Free Spins feature, you’ll receive an extra +2 Free Spins for each one that appears.

    Feel the adrenaline, experience the thrill, and immerse yourself in the world of «Ultra Disco»! Let the dance begin!

  • Minerz is AVAILABLE NOW!

    Join Ivar the Viking on a mining adventure to collect precious gemstones in the new game release “Minerz” by Platipus!

    Ivar is an explorer who delves deep beneath the mountainside to unveil magical crystals, gems, and treasures amidst the deep mines that behold them!

    But why is Ivor hunting for these gemstones? All of them have huge magical power and it’s easy to believe!

    Try to use Upgrade Feature, which can highly improve your game! With the Upgrade feature, you can combine winning blocks to form a single symbol and earn a Respin. If there are multiple winning blocks present, they will be compressed into separate compound symbols and each will occupy one position. The new compound symbol will show a multiplier equal to the number of symbols compressed!

    One of the exciting rewards in this slot is Free Spins. To activate this feature, you need to hit at least 3 Scatter symbols during regular play. Getting 3 Scatter symbols will give you 8 Free Spins, and each additional Scatter symbol beyond the first 3 will grant you an extra 2 Free Spins!

    Explore with Ivar on the “Minerz” adventure today to unveil the hidden treasures that await on your journey!

  •  Coin Charge is OUT!

    Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in a convertible through the vibrant streets of Los Angeles! This exhilarating ride promises to immerse you in the carefree embrace of a warm summer night, where, at every turn, a world of incredible experiences awaits. 

    If you’re up for it, let’s get started! It’s time to engage in the exciting «Coin Charge» game, which will provide you with all these unforgettable memories! 

    Coin Charge is a classic 3 reels 3 lines, and 5 fixed paylines video game with a Respins feature and Jackpot wheel feature. 

    When three Bonus symbols land simultaneously anywhere on the reels, the Respins feature is triggered, and you’ll be awarded three Respins. During this phase, each symbol cell spins independently. The magic happens when a Bonus symbol lands in a cell - it upgrades that cell, and any subsequent Bonus symbols in the upgraded cell come with double payouts. Plus, if you hit an additional Bonus symbol during Respins, it resets the available Respins back to three. 

    But that’s not all! When all cells are upgraded, the Jackpot wheel is set into motion. This exciting moment guarantees one of four Jackpots: MINI, MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND! 

    So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to chase your fortune through the dazzling streets of LA with «Coin Charge» – an adventure you won’t want to miss!

  • Magic time is COMING! Meet NEW game - Wizard of the Wild!

    Would you like to experience some magic? If so, try playing the amazing slot game called «Wizard»! It’s your chance to meet the mage who conjures up potions and casts spells within his hut to determine the outcome of your fate! In addition to this, the magician can gladly teach you how to attract bonuses and get closer to BIG WIN, by following the tips from his Wonderbook! According to the book, the Wild Spell Feature is definitely what you need in the «Wizard» game! On every spin, a random symbol in the Spell Bar above the reels is selected. If the selected symbols land on the reels, they will transform into Wild symbols. Only after symbols have been transformed into Wild symbols will any wins be paid out. Another fantastic feature helps you to get Free Spins by hitting 3 Scatter symbols on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. If you manage to do it, you’ll be awarded 9 Free Spins! But that’s not all! The Wonderbook says that you can even buy some magic in Platipus’ game, just by using Buy Bonus Feature! Let’s discover the wonders of the «Wizard» game and embark on a magical adventure to unveil other secrets from the mage’s book!

  • Casino Hold'em is LIVE NOW!

    Get ready for an electrifying experience with Casino Hold’em, a new-released table game by Platipus!

    This popular Texas Hold’em poker game variation uses a standard deck of 52 cards, which is shuffled after each round. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand by creating the best poker hand possible. The player and dealer receive two cards at the beginning, followed by five additional flop cards throughout the game. The winner is determined by the highest-ranking poker hand.

    If your hand beats the dealer’s, you win and get back your Ante, Call bets, and winnings. If not, you lose your bets. If both hands are the same, it’s a tie, and you get your bets back.

    One of the most coveted and unbeatable hands in poker is the Royal Flush. This hand consists of five cards: an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of which must be of the same suit. It is the highest-ranking poker hand and can only be beaten by another Royal Flush of a higher suit.

    Casino Hold’em is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an exciting adventure that will leave them feeling exhilarated and entertained. It’s also a chance to test your skills and luck in this popular casino game.

    So why wait? Start playing RIGHT NOW, and you’ll gain access to a world of unforgettable emotions!

  • Connecting with like-minded individuals is a powerful force!

    This was our immediate thought when we met the Slotsjudge team, a partnership that has propelled us to new heights and continues to do so with great enthusiasm!

    Slotsjudge is a pioneering online guide for slots that allows for interactive experiences. The team is a group of experts who have worked in the online gambling industry for years and have gained extensive knowledge and experience to provide accurate and up-to-date information for their audience. Their website offers expert reviews of the best online slots available.

    We consider ourselves fortunate to have earned the recognition and appreciation of Slotsjudge, a platform that allows you to explore our exceptional portfolio of slots and table games further!

    Discover more about our games here