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  • Un Día de Muertos is out now!

    The sun is setting down and the darkness settles in. With a grave chill and rattle of bones the skeletons approach... But it's totally fine because they are just here to party!

    Welcome to Platipus' newest game - Un día de muertos which will take you to one of the most unusual places in the world, Night Carnival!

    Celebrated by all kinds of unliving creatures this is truly a night to remember. Apart from musicians this carnival packs a lot of pleasant bonuses: Free Spins, Jackpots, and most importantly - Bonus Extra Wild feature! 

    While certainly having a colorful name, this feature is quite simple but nonetheless exciting. Only during free spins, you may witness the rare romantic skeleton, Luis. This mystical symbol may appear only on the 1st and 5th reel. But should you get both of them, not only will you get three free spins, but all the symbols between them will transform into Wild Symbols!

    And since hitting 6 or more wilds will trigger a jackpot, this is almost a guaranteed one!

    So don't waste any time and be the first to start a dance at the Night Carnival in Platipus' newest game Un día de muertos!

  • Wild Justice has officially rolled into town!

    Get on your ace-high horse and prepare some shooting iron, for we are heading to the Wild, Wild West to deliver some Wild, Wild Justice.

    As the new sheriff of this small town we’ve some curly wolves to catch, the sheriff starts to find and bounty to claim.
    Speaking of, starting with Dirty Harry (that acts like a scatter symbol in this game) and at least two of his twin brothers, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. The more identical brothers you find, the more free spins you get!

    Also, should you find the sheriff wild, you’ll get all your line wins and be paid again. And should you also find him alongside his badge or jackpot wild, you’ll get as many line wins as there are wilds on the field. Or, if you will start the free spins (by capturing dirty Harry and his brothers) and then hit the Sheriff Wild, then all your line payout will be paid to you again, for every wild present on the field. Three times. Seriously!

    That does not affect the jackpot payout though, which can be triggered by simultaneously getting Sheriff Wild and Jackpot Wild.
    So whatcha ginnin’ about? Hop in that saddle and ride to glory and riches with Platipus’ newest game – Wild Justice.

  • The CMO of Platipus -  Vladyslav Garanko spoke to Slots777 about Platipus and the company's approach to game developing

    Vladyslav Garanko - The CMO of Platipus continues to share his thoughts on Igaming industry trends and developments in the media. In this most recent interview, he spoke to Slots777 about Platipus' approach to developing games that meet the needs and desires of players from different countries and cultures. Vladislav also talked about:
    - The African market and the opportunities it presents for lgaming actors.
    - Cryptocurrency and its regulation.
    - Platipus' so far most popular games and much more!

  • Summer is coming to an end, the intense heat is now diminishing, so it's time for the traditional Irish entertainment - hunt for Leprechaun's Gold!

    Follow the Platipus into the fields of mystical Ireland, seek mystical pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, and should you get 3 of them, 6 Free Spins shall be yours. Or, if you are daring, follow the trail of golden coins left behind by the magical creatures. Manage to find 6 of them in one spin, and you will acquire the Lucky Respin feature. During which, you will get 3 lucky respins, and should you find more coins during them, the respins will reset back to 3. All the coins that you gathered during the Lucky Respins will be exchanged for the riches, and if you truly have the luck of an Irish and managed to fill the whole screen with coins, you will win the Grand Jackpot! Normally leprechauns are mischievous little creatures, but in this game, they are quite the entrepreneurs. They are willing to trade luck for coins, quite literally. If you are tiered of trying to get the free spins that greedy leprechauns hold to themselves, you may bribe them with 40 total bets to guarantee 3 Scatters in your next spin! It is a daring gamble, surely, but it is so much better when you have the option. There is a lot more that could be said about this fascinating game, but instead of boring you with words, we would like to invite you to the mystical world of Platipus' new game – Leprechaun's Coins so that you can see everything for yourself.