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  • Try our NEW adventure - Nine Dragon Kings!

    Having just returned from a mysterious adventure in the lush American jungle, Platipus sets out on a new adventure into the uncharted territories of the ancient east 

    «Here be dragons» is not just a cautionary mark on a map, for many it is a promise of great adventures and even greater riches! 

    What’s more, according to legends this is where the ancient Dragon Kings reside… 

    And since these are so rare, it doesn’t matter what kind of them you find. Should you hit three of them, even of different colours, you are guaranteed to get a mixed payout at the least. And should you find a legendary Red Dragon, which serves as Bonus symbol, not only you will be awarded with a respin, but all the upcoming dragons during that Respin will be of the same color, increasing your chances to win big even further!

    So what are you waiting for? Get your Dragon hunting gear ready and join Platipus on the magical adventure in the newest game 9 Dragon Kings.

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  • Meet Platipus at ICE London 2022!

    Only a few days until the start of ICE London 2022!

    Are you already in a hurry to pack your bags and get ready for ICE London 2022? We are! After the long break caused by the pandemic, Platipus team is really looking forward to meeting everyone in person, networking and having fun together at such a renowned global gambling event. If you will also be attending ICE Lonon and are interested in talking to us about a potential partnership, contact us at! We will make sure to add our meeting to our calendar.

    And don't forget, we are always happy to see you at our booth N6-365 for a drink and a chat.

    More information about the event can be found here.

    See you soon, friends!


  • New Hit from Platipus - Piedra del Sol is here now!

    A new dawn rises over the mysterious city of Gods - Teotihuacán. The wind picks up the dust over a once mighty settlement that now lies in ruin, as animals idly stalk once-prominent streets. Desolated and forgotten, its secrets and riches are well hidden. Or so they were, until now!

    Join Olivia and her brave team of bounty hunters and explore the ancient Temple of the Sun in search of the Sun Stone - the mysterious relic of the bygone era. It is said that one who manages to find at least five golden tokens simultaneously in a single spin will then have an opportunity to spin the great Sun Stone and bask in its light and riches! The sun stone will then provide a glimpse into the future of what fate awaits you! Is it an enormous multiplier destined to increase your already substantial gains? Is it a free spins journey through the marvellous unknown? Or perhaps you will be deemed worthy by the ancient powers and awaken the inner disc, guarantee to receive one of the four jackpots?! The possibilities are truly endless. However, should you be of a cunning mind, you might not have to stalk the halls of the great temple at all. Why do it yourself if you can simply trade with other bounty hunters and acquire the desired coins through the Buy Bonus feature! It is entirely up to you how many coins you wish to present to the great Sun Stone, and how much attention you wish from the ancient forces residing in it.

    The ancient temple of the sun awaits you! Join the expedition in the Platipus` newest game - Piedra del Sol, and show your worth on the expedition through ancient Aztec lands!