American Roulette is OUT!

Step into the captivating world of American roulette a game of chance that has been enjoyed since the 19th century and continues to captivate players today. Join us at Platipus, where we proudly present this timeless gem as part of our collection of table games!

American roulette is known for its wheel featuring 38 numbers. The numbers 1-36 alternate between red and black while 0 and 00 are represented in a shade of green. Imagine the excitement as the wheel spins in one direction while a small ball moves gracefully in the direction creating a mesmerizing spectacle. In an exhilarating climax, the ball comes to rest in one of the slots determining winners and losers alike.

In roulette, your betting journey offers countless possibilities. Beyond wagering on a single number embrace the strategic allure by placing bets on multiple numbers with just one chip. Each game becomes your canvas allowing you to explore diverse betting options with varying values. The only limitation is that your potential winnings, from combined bets must align with the specified payout.

Immerse yourself in the realm of roulette, where the blending of tradition and innovation creates an enticing atmosphere. In this game you’ll encounter a captivating mix of luck and strategy as you embrace the timeless allure of gaming and seize opportunities, for fortune.