Let's play one of the most popular poker variants - "Aces and Faces"!

To enjoy poker, you don’t have to get to the most gorgeous and fancy casino in Las Vegas.

Instead, you can rely on Platipus to provide you with the best poker adventure in just a few seconds!

Sit back, press the “Play” button and feel the unadulterated flavour of the classic poker game - “Aces and Faces”!

In case you’ve played poker before, especially a variant such as “Jacks or Better”, you should have no difficulties with “Aces and Faces”, as these two games have the same rules.

Everything starts with dealing each player a 5-card hand from a 52-card deck with no jokers. Then everyone has to decide which cards to keep and which to discard. Remember that this decision plays an important role, because the payout is based on the strength of the poker hand you’ve left.

But as far as the payouts in ‘’Aces and Faces’’ are concerned, this game is pleasantly different from ‘’Jacks or Better’’ in that it’s an increased payout for all Four of Kind Faces and Aces (J, Q, K and A)! So keep this in mind as well when choosing a poker hand.

In the diverse poker world, “Aces and Faces” is one of the top table games you can play for fun and thrills! So don’t hesitate to spend your time like you’re in Vegas, play Platipus’ new amazing poker game - ‘’Aces and Faces’’!