Our brand new adventure - Book of Light starts today!

Scorching sun of the desert, annoying sand that gets in your shoes and lingering curses of the ancients… To most people that is far from ideal way on how to spend their summer vacation, but those who know, have already booked their tickets. For Platipus is gathering brave adventurers to set out for the Book of Light! Hidden in the depth of the Giza desert this book carries with itself the powerful magic of the ancients. But it’s not all about solving riddles and evading traps it’s largely about finding hidden treasures and rare artifacts! And with exceptional Block Mechanic this becomes even easier! Connecting 3 or more symbols horizontally or vertically will award the player a payout irrespective of their positioning or connection to reels! And should you manage to find 3 rare tomes, which act as a scatter in this game, the powerful blessing of light shall shine on your adventure! Not only it will award you with 10 Free Spins, but will also enchant one symbol with the power of Light! As such, if you were to get two or more horizontally or vertically connected Enchanted Symbols during the Free Spins, after the regular payout is done, they will expand horizontally or vertically, wherever the connection may be, or even both ways providing the additional payout! Is there anything more to wish from your exciting summer adventure?! Secrets, dangers, treasures and magical powers! Be the first to dive into Platipus` latest release – Book of Light!