The secrets of the greatest robbery have been solved! Meet NEW game - "The Big Score"!

Fall, Chicago, the 1830s. Shocking news rocked the city: someone robbed the country’s largest bank, taking everything from there to the last coin!

This case remained a mystery for police, and even the best detectives couldn’t find those responsible for the crime. But any secret is not long-lived, especially when it falls into Platipus’ hands and has the name «The Big Score»!

Now our voyage in a time machine takes us directly to Chicago, where the legendary gangsters - mafioso Tommy and his charming partner Stephanie - decided to fill their pockets by robbing the bank!

To reveal all details regarding the century scam and understand how it happened, you should act like our couple of mobsters who certainly knew about the Free Spin Feature. It triggers by hitting 3 or more Scatter symbols during regular play and will award the player with 10 Free Spins.

What else helped Tommy and Stephanie to take out such an immense amount of money? It’s definitely the Win Multiplier Feature, which helps increase winning combinations by 1. It will keep increasing with each consecutive cascade after the spin payout until no new winning combinations can be formed.

The final piece of the puzzle is the UNLIMITED WILD SYMBOLS FEATURE, the perfect addition to other bonuses. During any spin, when a Wild symbol appears on the reel 3, all symbols on the reel 3 will be transformed into Wild symbols. After all wins are paid, Wild symbols will cascade down in the reel 3 until there are no more wins.

Fall, Chicago, the 1830s. Mafioso Tommy and his charming partner, Stephanie, robbed the country’s largest bank. But what other secrets were hidden behind the iron door of the bank vault that night? Find out in the new Platipus’ game - «The Big Score»!